Goerzen, David

  • Abram J. Thiessen also served in a forestry camp. Then, in 1943, he was assigned to farm duty.

  • Choosing conscientious objection to war was not an easy choice. Young men made this decision with help of family and friends.

  • There were nearly fifty alternative service camps in British Columbia.

  • The plan was to construct an 11 meter long, 1000 ton (1:50) model for testing.

  • Menno Klassen, for example, devoted his whole life to peace and relief efforts.  

  • Henry R. Baerg served as a conscientious objector in various national parks and on a farm.

  • Norman Levi Weber worked in a forestry camp in Ontario. There, unlike in the BC Forestry Service, the COs interacted with non-COs on the job.

  • “When I returned on the bus from Rosthern after graduating,” writes David Janzen, “a couple of drunken soldiers sitting behind me raised questions