Judge Adamson

  • Not all COs doing hospital work served in mental institutions. Some worked in general hospitals, especially at St.

  • Although serving in a hospital was not easy work, some men felt called to volunteer.

  • Letter to Judge Adamson from C.F. Klassen, 11 June 1941.

  • Conscientious objectors claimed CO status because they thought war was wrong.

  • A young man stands before the judge. The judge reads the sentence – “Six months hard labour!” – and bangs his gavel to dismiss the court.

  • No matter how hostile the judge was, though, it was difficult to change the mind of a sincere CO.

  • As George Groening explains though, the judges were not harsh with every CO.

  • With the creation of an alternative service program, it seemed that uncertainty in the Mennonite community and the government had finally been reso