Jantzi, David

  • Very few Canadians today rely on wood to heat their homes. Most use gas or electric heat.

  • Examining fire fighting identification tags at Green Timbers.

  • COs working at Mount Seymour Park.  David Jantzi cutting down a snag, far left.

  • Canadians in the 1930s were, in general, much less mobile than they are today. Traveling was a luxury.

  • Choosing conscientious objection to war was not an easy choice. Young men made this decision with help of family and friends.

  • The Manual of Instruction for the alternative service work program encouraged COs to hold religious service.

  • Food

    The quality of the food was a common concern for COs. Much of Canada's meat went overseas to feed soldiers and civilians in Europe.

  • Noah Bearinger recalls an incident that tested the faith of the COs.

  • For the Campbell River forest, the conscientious objectors left the snags lie where they fell.

  • The COs worked hard in the camps and according to newspaper their work was appreciated.