Industry - Page 2

Later that year he moved to Calgary.

“I was transferred to the Union Meat Packing Plant, Calgary, in September 1943. I got $35.00 a month and paid $20 monthly for rent."

He stayed under the alternative service program until 20 March 1946. [ASP, 122-123]

Another CO packed coffee at H.L. McKinnon's Ltd. in Winnipeg in 1945.

“My experience was very ordinary in that my employer was Christian and sympathetic to several of us who worked in his factory as COs .” [MHC, 1015-25 

These short descriptions give us a small glimpse into the work these COs performed, but for many COs, the work wasn't anything special. It was a natural part of their life. Luckily, we do have some longer, more descriptive accounts of industrial work.